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We have high quality, seasoned firewood available year round​. We provide logs for various purposes to various customers: lathers/turners, carvers, specialty carpentry projects, even mushroom farmers. 

We deliver to JeffCo and BoCo (at about 5000-6000 ft elevation) free of charge.

We deliver to higher elevation parts of JeffCo and BoCo, as well as Gilpin County for an additional $30 fee. 

Winter 2020/2021 prices:

Hardwood mix - elm, ash, maple, Russian olive, locust, boxelder, various fruit trees, etc.  $325 per cord, $625 for 2 cords

Softwood mix - pine, fir, spruce, juniper, etc.  $225 per cord, $425 for 2 cords

No stacking, a cord is 4' x 4' x 8' 

See below for what our cords look like:

Two cord hardwood mix load in our 14' long x 7' wide x 3' high dump trailer

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