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Professional tree pruning

Pruning your trees not only improves the curb appeal of your property, it also improves the overall health of the tree and mitigates risk to property by preventing future damage. Wind-sail effects and uneven mechanical stresses to the main trunk can cause severe damage to a tree. It also opens up the canopy allowing more light in to surrounding flora. 

We offer crown reductions, crown cleaning, crown shaping, hazard/clearance prunes, standard prunes, and custom prunes. Rates vary depending on tree size and location. 

Our standard prune checklist is as follows:

• Remove dead, dying, diseased, or broken limbs with 1 inch diameter or greater

• Reduce the weight of the tips of the limbs to reduce chance of storm breaks, selectively remove lateral limbs that could potentially break under snow loads, open the inner canopy up to mitigate wind sail effects

• Improve overall shape of canopy, i.e. remove downward pointing limbs, criss-cross limbs, and promote upward growth

• Provide clearance to structures and utilities, typically 4 feet where possible

As always - careful tree pruning and thorough cleanups

We offer:

Structural/standard prunes

Clearance/hazard prunes

Canopy cleaning/deadwood prunes

Canopy raising

Vista prunes

Custom prunes and consultations

Before/after of a recent silver maple standard prune:

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